Packing for a 3 day conference

In this video I show how to pack for a 3 day technical conference in a small backpack. I have had a few people comment that I don’t pack another pair of Jeans. While wearing a single pair of Jeans for a 3 day event may be fine for some it isn’t for everyone – so I recommend replacing the sweats with another pair of jeans for this particular backpack – if you have a little more room, the packing cube I use, will allow for a pair of jeans on the other side, with everything that is currently packed.

I like this poem – don’t know the author

Toward the heights of the tower of ivory he climbed, rising on his waxen wings; aiming for the heavens, he swore to make great his name. a plan both great in aim and folly, for divinity is not an accomplished feat. his young body tired, he anxiously gasped for air as the staples of his […]

Securing ASP.NET Web API’s

This week is a long awaited show for many ASP.NET Web API Developer out there,Daniel Roth joins us for the feature show on how to secure your ASP.NET Web API. There is a lot of amazing information and this is a “must watch” episode. We also re-introduced the Web Site Window, in which we had Petr Podhorsky form the Web Sites team introduce us to remote debugging with Visual Studio 2013 and Windows Azure Web Sites.

Don’t ask me too many questions about this one because I was learning on the episode as well. :)

CSS Pseudo :before and :after content…

Ever need to convert put some html entities into your :before of :after content only to find that they just show up as a bunch of characters?  It’s because CSS needs some of it’s own special characters – and here is the link to a great converter for you.  Enjoy! CSS Entities