Nervous flyer?

It is well documented within my own brain that I am a nervous flyer. I don’t know if it is because I think too much of “What would I do if…” situations or if it is straight fear. Not so much fear of the end, but fear of how I get there. All that being […]

I like this poem – don’t know the author

Toward the heights of the tower of ivory he climbed, rising on his waxen wings; aiming for the heavens, he swore to make great his name. a plan both great in aim and folly, for divinity is not an accomplished feat. his young body tired, he anxiously gasped for air as the staples of his […]

Movember Continues: Decoupling Large Applications with the Service Gateway

This week we are joined by James Baker, from the Windows Azure Developer & Platform Evangelism team, who has been working on an extremely interesting and compelling project for Windows Azure Application Developers. The Service Gateway is a project build within DPE to help Cloud developers take back agility and maintainability of their large application […]

Securing ASP.NET Web API’s

This week is a long awaited show for many ASP.NET Web API Developer out there,Daniel Roth joins us for the feature show on how to secure your ASP.NET Web API. There is a lot of amazing information and this is a “must watch” episode. We also re-introduced the Web Site Window, in which we had Petr Podhorsky form […]

Mavericks upgrade and ZSH

Mavericks upgrade and ZSH

If you, like me, use zsh as your shell, you may have run in to some trouble with the mavericks update. So before you freak out like I did (or perhaps you already have done so) you can follow these few simple steps to get yourself back up and running. First thing I did was […]