Monthly Archives: August 2013

Two more Screencasts coming.

I am in the process of making two more screencasts to go along with the other two latest involving Custom Post Types UI and Advanced Custom Fields. These to videos will cover the use of some Add-Ons that can be purchased for ACF. The Repeater Field and The Flexible Content Field. Those should be out over the next couple of days.

I think it’s time for a redesign

Well, It’s about that time that I start redesigning my site. It is old and crappy right now – and I just think I need to get to it. I would really like to screencast my adventure and see how that works out. So.. Maybe after this weekend of WordCamp Vancouver I will get on that. ūüôā


If I had one good piece of advice for the budding freelancer it would be this, Ask Questions. One problem I had when first starting out was that I was afraid to ask questions, why, you may ask.. Because I was afraid that my clients might think I didn’t know what I was doing. Obviously, if I had to ask, then I didn’t know and therefore I didn’t know what I was doing. I know, it sounds silly but I consider myself a fairly smart individual and I made those mistakes. We all make mistakes when starting out. ¬†Hell, we all make mistakes as professionals. It doesn’t matter how long you have been in this business, even veterans ask questions. ¬†In fact, veterans usually ask more questions, because they know what needs to be asked. ¬†Their questions are just more refined. ¬† So don’t be afraid to ask, your clients will have a better experience in the end and a better web property to show for it.

Automation – faster?

Here at work we have a bunch of different cafeteria’s that you can go to. ¬†– Currently our cafeteria is under construction. ¬†We moved in to this building a couple of weeks ago and then after we moved in, they decided to update the cafeteria… shouldn’t they have done that before we moved in? – ¬†But, I digress. ¬†One of the busiest cafeterias here has an “automated” ordering process. ¬†Let me explain. ¬†When you go to most of the cafeteria’s around here, you walk to the counter, tell a person what you want, and they give it to you. ¬†Then you walk to the cashiers and pay them many monies. ¬†They ask if you want a receipt, tell you to have a nice day and that is that.

In the automated cafeteria you walk up to the ordering screen, spend a few moments going through the options, spend a few moments backing up because you pressed a wrong button. ¬†Wait for the system to catch up with you. ¬†Try and get the attention of someone cooking to ask how you special order onion rings instead of fries. ¬†Get advised that you need to place your order and then tell the cook after, that you would like to sub the fries with onion rings. Swipe your card, swipe your card again because you put it in backwards, swipe it again because you swiped to fast, pay your monies. ¬†And then wait for them to start making your food. ¬†Then they call your number and as you look in your bag your realize they gave you fries instead of onion rings because the cook you told wasn’t the one who read the order receipt and he had other things on his mind that took precedence over your snooty onion rings. ¬†So you go back and say, “hey, I uh.. I ordered onions rings” and they give you this look like. ¬†“Shut up you stupid head” and you spend the rest of your meal eating onion rings covered in tears.

The point is this.  Automation works better if

  1. Everyone completely understands the process and can move through it comfortabley
  2. There is no one involved accept the automation process

So just because we can streamline the process doesn’t necessarily mean it is faster, or better. ¬†As if my onion rings needed more salt.