If you, like me, use zsh as your shell, you may have run in to some trouble with the mavericks update. So before you freak out like I did (or perhaps you already have done so) you can follow these few simple steps to get yourself back up and running.

First thing I did was to make a folder on my desktop called “zshstuff”.  Then I copied over the contents of my .zshrc file and my custom theme file.

Next I went in to Terminal preferences and changed the Command (complete path) to /bin/bash

Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 2.00.48 PM

After that I closed down terminal and reopened in Bash.  I then cd’d into my root directory and removed .oh-my-zsh.  Once it was gone it just curled in a new install of zsh

curl -L https://github.com/robbyrussell/oh-my-zsh/raw/master/tools/install.sh | sh

After it had been installed I opened up my now reset .zshrc file and copied back in the contents I had saved previously.  I also opened up the theme folder and put my custom theme back in there.

I closed the terminal window and changed the command back to /bin/zsh and then restarted terminal.  everything back up and running normally.  Hope this helps anyone else who has had this issue!